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Benefits of a Salesforce Administrator

Managing a CRM implementation is an important role. It is also one that requires specific skill and knowledge. Increasingly the SMB clients that Valenta serve wish to bring on virtual staff as CRM platform administrators. One of the CRM platforms that we work with often is Salesforce. There are many Salesforce CRM benefits, and it is no surprise that our SMB clients choose it as a platform. Leveraging virtual staff and outsourcing used to be only something large enterprises could entertain working with giant consulting firms. Valenta focuses on providing smaller teams or individuals to fill gaps within our SMB clients.

There are many great reasons to outsource virtual Salesforce administrators. In this article we will highlight 5 key benefits of virtual Salesforce administrators which our clients have experienced. Also take a look at our previous blog What to think about when outsourcing a Salesforce administrator

However, before we get into the 5 benefits let’s take a quick look at what a Salesforce administrator does.

Role of a Salesforce Administrators

A Salesforce administrator will maintain the platform as their primary focus and make sure that every user within a company is able to leverage Salesforce to its maximum capacity. They will work with all levels of employees within a business and be able to provide value to CRM users regardless of their technical level of expertise. A Salesforce administrator will stay up to date on the latest Salesforce capabilities and updates, and make sure that a platform is up to date and current. A Salesforce Administrator will also be able to customize fields within the CRM for the specific requirements of a company’s business. They will also assist or manage the creation of dashboards and reports for a business so that they accurately track business results and metrics. A Salesforce administrator will maximize the investment in the CRM platform.

5 Benefits of a Virtual Salesforce Administrator

1) Focus on the Core Business

One of the first benefits of a virtual Salesforce administrator our clients find is being able to have their employees focus on the core business. We have “rescued” many staff who were charged with managing the CRM but who had no prior knowledge and had to learn it and become experts from scratch. The staff we have rescued were typically key contributors that were taken away from roles they exceled in. Many were not the best CRM administrators however they might have gotten there over a couple of years. Their reassignment to this new CRM role often resulted in their previous role being done by less skilled new people. The net of all this was business ended up with 2 below average performers. When a company leverages outsourced Salesforce administrators the opposite occurs. Businesses bring on a CRM expert plus they keep current expert staff in the roles they master. Keeping people in the best roles for their skills is a powerful reason for SMB clients to take advantage of virtual Salesforce administrators.

2) Acquire Needed Skills

Having someone in charge of your CRM with the latest expertise and credentials from Salesforce is another of the benefits of outsourced Salesforce administrators. The admins we provide have deep knowledge of Salesforce and have multiple certifications on the platform. Nearly all have worked on Salesforce and other CRM consultations. Our Salesforce admins typically have additional Salesforce certifications. Some of these certifications include Salesforce Architect, Developer, Marketer, Consultant, and Designer. All of these capabilities and skill sets are useful on virtually all Salesforce platforms. Any good Salesforce Administrator will be fully versed in all aspects of Salesforce. For example, Salesforce administrators and advanced admins which we place are all versed in Salesforce Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Education Cloud, B2B Commerce, B2C Commerce, Customer 360 Platform, Einstein, Pardot, Salesforce Analytics, and more.

3) Complement Existing Staff

Another of the benefits of virtual Salesforce administrators is that they are an extension of a business’s staff. They work full time hours 4 weeks a month and 52 weeks a year. They are available by phone, chat and email and are no different in their interactions with other staff than any other work from home / WFH type workers. The staff we provide at Valenta work in service centers side by side with other virtual staff providing Salesforce administration to other clients. This cross pollination with other CRM admins, plus being virtually embedded at client companies really is the best of both worlds. Because our staff are virtual employees of one business, they get to know their client’s well. and can customize the Salesforce platform for the needs of the company and users.

4) Reduce Costs

The economic benefits of virtual and offshore staff can be dramatic. These reduced costs can have a positive impact on bottom line profit numbers. A great place to research salaries for different roles is Glassdoor. We did some research in preparation for this article and found that Glassdoor Report states that the annual salary for a Salesforce Administrator in Chicago IL is 92.5K USD per year. To research administrator roles for other locations please find a link to Glassdoor here. Valenta monthly rates for offshore virtual staff for Salesforce administration are typically half to one third of what a salary would be for personnel on shore. When you add to that, the costs in terms of taxes, health insurance, and infrastructure in the form of laptops, desks, etc., … the savings can be monumental. When you combine the fact that it costs less to outsource and offshore a Salesforce administrator with getting somebody who is up to date on the latest and greatest from Salesforce, … it can be an easy decision to take.

5) Flexibility

Virtual Salesforce administrators can be a flexible way to provide staff with CRM skill sets and experience on an “as needed” basis. At Valenta, all our software administrator roles and virtual services are contract based. They are flexible and run month to month This flexible aspect of outsourcing is quite different than the employer employee relationship, … which is much more rigid and inflexible. The employer and employee relationship is also one that comes with a fair amount of risk and liability. This risk is mitigated by the contract aspect of outsourced Salesforce, CRM and other software administrator relationships.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to have a conversation to determine if your business could realize the benefits of Salesforce Consulting Services or virtual Salesforce administrators, we are available for a no charge consultation anytime. Please feel free to reach out to your local Valenta Managing Partner to determine if virtual staffing will be a good fit for your business. Hiring an administrator locally can be an expensive proposition for many businesses. Converting somebody on your own staff to be a CRM administrator also might not always be the best use of their skill set.

When you add those factors to the reduced cost of virtual staffing and its flexible nature it can all add up to a conversation worth starting. Valenta specializes in providing full-time staff for many software admin and technology positions. We have Managing Partners in different cities across the US, Canada, the EU, Australia and more. Valenta has established service center presence in Bangalore India, one of Asia’s prominent tech centers. We also have additional service centers in Malaysia, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and new planned service centers in Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

To contact us on this topic or any other, please reach out to Valenta IE.

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