Michael Sivewright

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Michael Sivewright

Managing Partner

United Kingdom

michael.sivewright@valenta.io +44 7788 197 201, +44 1249 847 428

Michael Sivewright strives to see businesses grow and increase profitability by optimising how they get work done. He has always had a keen eye for what drives successful companies in the modern era. His view is that the effective marshalling of people, processes, and technology is the competitive difference between winners and losers in many industries, and in fact in almost any competitive endeavor.

As Managing Partner at Valenta, Michael helps businesses of all sizes access a wide portfolio of industry-leading services in digital transformation, robotic process automation, staff augmentation, and more. These are the type and quality of services historically only accessible by FTSE 250 companies and other organisations with the scale to draw upon a global talent pool and supply chain.

He wants to see more business owners tap into the “secret ingredient” that allows some companies to innovate successfully while others fail. What is the secret ingredient? The competence to adapt existing operating models to a dynamic marketplace and exploit new opportunities that arise from technology. Michael understands that different organisations require different implementation strategies, and he encourages business leaders to get in touch to discuss what is right for their organization to grow and thrive into the future.

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