Conversational AI Improves Customer Engagement

Conversational AI Improves Customer Engagement

Introduction to Conversational AI Conversational AI technology is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. Conversational AI is focused on producing natural and seamless conversations between humans and their machines, or, more appropriately, their software.  Conversational AI...
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Examples of Conversational AI

Examples of Conversational AI in Action

In this article, we will examine what is conversational ai, conversational ai technology, plus conversational ai platforms, solutions, and services. We also will provide examples of Conversational AI in action. What is Conversational AI? We...
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Understanding Conversational AI

Understanding Conversational AI, What It Is and How It Works

Conversational AI is seeing rapid year over year increases in deployment. Many businesses want to deploy a Conversational AI platform, but they do not know where to begin. Understanding how Conversational AI works and how...
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AI & RPA Bots in Accounting and Finance

AI and RPA Bots in Finance and Accounting

In today’s business world, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) has revolutionized the way accounting and finance departments operate. AI and RPA bots are helping these departments automate processes, streamline...
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How Can AI Improve CRM Implementations

How Can AI Improve CRM Implementations?

As the world shifts to a more digital-focused future, businesses of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the value of leveraging technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improved customer relationship management. AI can help...
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What Can A Conversional AI Developer Do For a Business

What Can a Conversational AI Developer Do For a Business

Conversational AI is one of the three most important technologies when it comes to digital transformation and automation projects. RPA or robotic process automation and Cognitive AI are the other tools we commonly use in...
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Digital Person for Financial Providers

Digital Person for Financial Providers Proof of Concept

Digital people and virtual agents are the next step in customer engagement and assistance. When done well customers enjoy it and they are well served. In this article we will provide an overview of a...
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Using intelligent automation to enhance ERP-enabled business processes

Using Intelligent Automation To Enhance ERP-Enabled Business Processes

In our rapidly-digitizing world, businesses need a modern ERP system that can keep them up to date and help them efficiently manage their important business functions. In many cases, legacy models just aren’t cutting it...
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digital worker

Digital Person for Healthcare Providers – Proof of Concept

Increasingly there are new ways that humans and machines can collaborate. We have provided some POC demo videos of our work with Conversational AI. In this article we want to share an overview and a...
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How to Build an Accounting Bot in 5 Easy Steps

There is a good percentage of the population that do not understand Bots. They are confused by robots or poorly executed chat bots on a website. A bot is simply a piece of software that...
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