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Sustainability and Climate Change

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Sustainability and Climate Change

Navigating the Sustainable Business Landscape

The significance of sustainability in the corporate realm cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when it was mere jargon; today, sustainability is a core component of responsible business conduct. Valenta is committed to partnering with organizations to expedite their climate and sustainability endeavors. As governments across the world announce Net Zero Targets and enforce mandatory ESG Disclosures, businesses of all sizes are facing increased scrutiny. In this landscape, sustainability consulting takes center stage, equipping companies with the knowledge and strategies to create a positive impact on the environment and society. With mounting concerns surrounding climate change, resource depletion, social inequality, and ethical practices, our seasoned consultants offer invaluable guidance and support.

Unlocking the Power of Sustainable Business Practices in the UK

Implementing sustainability best practices holds immense potential for both businesses and the planet. By embracing sustainable approaches, organizations can bolster their long-term viability, reduce their environmental footprint, mitigate risks, and enhance their brand reputation. Sustainability consultants act as valuable partners, guiding businesses in developing robust strategies that seamlessly embed sustainability principles into their operations, supply chains, and decision-making processes. Through comprehensive evaluations of environmental, social, and economic impacts, these experts identify areas of improvement and provide practical recommendations to drive sustainable growth. In an era where consumers, investors, and regulators prioritize sustainability, engaging consulting services is vital to align organizational values with responsible and profitable business practices.

Embracing the Evolving Path of Sustainability with Valenta

Valenta recognizes that sustainability is a continuous and multifaceted endeavor, extending beyond the realms of emissions and environmental issues. We appreciate the challenge of achieving the right balance, even for organizations equipped with robust ESG frameworks. That is why our esteemed team of Sustainability and Climate Change Experts is dedicated to accompanying you on this transformative journey. By employing our CAROT Framework – “Collect, Analyze, Report, Optimize, and Track” – we deliver tailored solutions that cater to your specific requirements. With a proven track record across industries, scales, and global locations, Valenta is your trusted partner in sustainable success.

Valenta a Catalyst for Sustainable Success

A well-designed sustainability strategy reaps many benefits for organizations. It boosts brand reputation and attracts environmentally conscious consumers. It optimizes operations, trimming costs through resource efficiency and sustainable technologies. It safeguards against compliance risks, reputational damage, and supply chain disruptions. It fosters a vibrant workplace culture, attracting and retaining top talent seeking purposeful careers. It drives innovation, empowering organizations to stay competitive amidst shifting market dynamics. Unleash your sustainability potential with Valenta. Our seasoned consultants, deep industry expertise, and dedication to the CAROT Framework ensure seamless operations, cost savings, and heightened customer satisfaction. Join us today to embark on a transformative sustainability journey.

Unleash the power of Automation, AI / ML and Analytics to grow your Sustainability Practice


Carbon Tracking Dashboard

Automation, AI, ML and Analytics are technology enablers that can help build and grow your Sustainability practice within your organization.

Collecting Data

Collecting Data from various Data resources is a manual and tedious process and often requires a lot of human intervention and this is where the use of Robotic Process Automation can assist by deploying software bots to constantly collect data from various applications and monitor the data, extract information from various structured or unstructured documents using OCR (optical character recognition) and Computer Vision and more.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms can build models based on historical data to make more informed or data driven decisions and Analytics can provide Real-Time Dashboards to track various aspects of an Organizations Sustainability Performance and offers stakeholders with a Sustainability Control Tower view.

sustainability, Automation


At Valenta, our team of Sustainability and Climate Change experts along with our Automation, AI and Analytics Experts work with you to define your Automation strategy that enhances your Sustainability performance. Our Business Analysts also work closely with you to identify your pain points, understand your business landscape, and recommend suitable solutions to meet your business goals and objectives.

Our unique Framework allows us to work closely with

Businesses and partner with them on their Sustainability initiatives. We broadly classify our engagement into the following categories.
  • Collect: This Module lets us collect data from various Databases, Flat Files, Web Services etc.
  • Analyze: Once the data is collected, it is then analyzed by a team of experts to determine the current Sustainability state of the organization.
  • Report: We are Framework agnostic and can assist with reporting to CDP, GRI, SASB and TCFD.
  • Optimize: This Module includes Science Based Targets, Benchmarking, Lifecycle Assessments and Carbon Offset Projects.
  • Track: Monitor ESG Performance, Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Goals in Real Time through Dashboards

Data is the new oil, and we use the Data we collect to provide detailed analysis on your Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions and break it up further to include Total Emissions, Emissions percentage by Source, Top Emitters, Emissions Trend with Forecasting, Emissions by Location, Month Wise Split, and much more and similar Data is also provided around Energy, Air Quality, Waste, Water and Social and Governance performance.

Challenges with Sustainability and Climate Change:

  • Reporting ESG Performance is an annual activity and seen as obligatory versus valuable
  • Thousands of Data points scattered across different departments
  • Decision Makers are Disconnected from ESG performance and Data
  • Companies are severely underprepared for upcoming regulation and standardization

How Valenta can assist with Sustainability Strategy and Implementation:

Our approach
Valenta believes in designing, modernizing, and building mission Critical technology systems which most clients depend on every day. We are focused, independent company, implementing Valenta’s Business-Unit Prototype, we make sure that strategic requirements are covered, and that the solution is built from end-to-end from a chosen business function.

Here are the three simple steps we take for Sustainability implementations :

Prioritize, needs, files

Sustainability Audit

Introduction: The Sustainability Audit is a Gap Analysis to identify the current state of the Business.

Sustainability Audit Goal: To help companies validate the opportunity hypothesis and get the green light for developing a full-fledged solution.

Key Benefit: Think Big, Start Small and Scale Rapidly

Importance: The Audit allows a Business to analyze the current Sustainability Gap in the organization and work towards creating a detailed roadmap to achieve Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Goals.


Full Implementation

In this phase, new scenarios are added, and more focus is put on common understanding, consistency, and the accuracy.

Based on the learning experiences, new enhancements and features are proposed and implemented.

Work is focused on further adoption at the same time making sure that settled users are not impacted by the changes.

Process, managed-services

Managed Service

We provide Sustainability as a Service for a Fixed Monthly subscription that gives Businesses greater control on their Cashflow.

We handle the entire process from Strategy and Operations, Development of the Solution, Monitoring and Tracking ESG Performance.

Valenta is agile in providing accurate reporting. We strive to enhance the consistency of the analysis, respond to changing business needs and provide solutions.

An essential part is setting up necessary protection to minimize risk and protect Sustainability assets.

End Results
The end results will consist of a centralized team in charge of finding and promoting interesting analysis across the entire organization.

Local teams will be empowered to create and innovate. The centralized team identifies the most successful work being done at a local level and provides a platform to share and promote this work at a corporate level.

The following key benefits will be attained by implementing Valenta’s Centralized Automation solution :

Valenta’s Centralized Automation solution
  • Scale: The Sustainability solution adapts to the needs and capacity of the organization.
  • High Speed: Bots can operate at speeds at least 10x faster than their human counterparts and produce reports in seconds compared to minutes.
  • Reusability: Technology to be used across multiple business functions and departments.
  • Single Source of Truth: Formulas and calculations are consistent across business units and departments.
  • Governance: Control who can see what. Role-level security will allow certain users to only access certain data or information.
  • Documented: The model will be well-documented in the form of Standard Operating Procedures.

VALENTA’s Managed Service – Sustainability as a Service:

Valenta’s Managed Sustainability service is designed to Measure and Govern ESG and Decarbonization programs to align with business outcomes. Using a Managed Service not only offers Companies a much faster ROI, but it also enables organizations to repurpose their in-house resources to more revenue driven activities.



Discover Sustainability initiatives and opportunities powered by AI and your people
Process, managed-services


Build What If Scenarios quickly using AI and Advanced Analytics, from simple to advanced
Prioritize, needs, files


Control Tower View of Sustainability at enterprise scale


Deploy Sustainability Bots to work with your applications and data


Engage employees, customers, and suppliers for seamless Sustainability collaboration

Also, the below steps help in providing right analytics capabilities for real-time insights and decision making

Prioritize, needs, files

Client Needs Assessment

The first step involves in-depth discussions or workshops with the clients to understand their needs, current gaps and pain points, data sensitivity and regulatory issues, proximity requirements etc. and determine the nature of automation required.
Reporting, Assessment, Analysis

Onshore Strategic Assessment

In this step, the Sustainability opportunities are prioritized by ease, complexity, scale, and other parameters. Based on this, the technology interfaces, skills, and training required are outlined, and a high-level business case and roadmap are developed and presented to the client.
Deploy, kick-off, go-live

Engagement Kick-off

Based on client approval, the engagement is kicked off with the appropriate solutions, infrastructure, resources, transition plans, risk mitigation plans and engagement model.

Key Benefits

  • No upfront investment in Sustainability resources
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Accelerated path to business insights
  • Easily scalable based on long-term or short-term requirements
  • Access to latest technologies and best practices

Valenta’s Value Proposition

  • Enterprise-level Sustainability with the reduced cost of ownership
  • Improve reporting using a scalable and robust solution
  • Securely store processed data and analysis artifacts in various file formats and modes
  • Efficiently operate and supervise ongoing Sustainable operations through Automation and AI
  • A deeper understanding of the ESG and Climate Change landscape
  • Implementing high ROI is a testimony to our depth in the Sustainability Sector

Embark on your Sustainability Transformation Journey NOW


Sustainability Strategy

  • Create a Sustainability Strategy based on Business Goals and Objectives
  • Build a Sustainable First Culture across the organization
  • Monitor Data to constantly build trust
  • Maintain a Roadmap to optimize and track Sustainability Goals
road-map, Process Walkthrough

Sustainability Roadmap

  • Assess Impact & Report Performance
  • Monitor Performance and Develop strategy
  • Enhance Disclosure and Accountability
  • Establish Contribution under a Global Content
  • Carbon Neutrality, Offsets and Net Zero

Environment “E” in ESG

  • Emissions
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Climate Risk
  • Economic Performance

Social “S” in ESG

  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Hires and Attrition
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Health and Safety
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Governance “G” in ESG

  • Transparency
  • Disclosure
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Risk Management

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