Digital Transformation


In the dynamic landscape of Digital Transformation, AI and Machine Learning serve as the driving forces behind its various technologies and solutions. Valenta is a leading provider of managed services and consulting expertise, offering businesses the opportunity to leverage these transformative elements. Our primary focus is on delivering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a service, allowing organizations to automate their processes and enhance productivity. Additionally, we provide a wide range of solutions, including Conversational AI, Hyper Automation, Intelligent Document Processing, Managed Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Process and Task Mining, and Test Automation. These services are available either as standalone offerings or as part of our consulting engagements, catering to the specific requirements and objectives of our clients.

At Valenta, we understand the challenges that businesses face when embarking on digital transformation initiatives. That’s why our digital transformation managed services are designed to accelerate project timelines and enable organizations to embrace digital transformation promptly. By entrusting us with the operation and maintenance of AI and ML services, businesses can focus on core activities while we handle the technical aspects. Furthermore, our consulting services offer valuable insights and tailored recommendations, empowering clients to make informed decisions and drive successful digital transformation strategies.

As a globally recognized organization, Valenta has established a strong foothold across various cities and countries through our network of Managing Partners and consultants. We have Partners in the UK as well.  To enhance our service delivery, we leverage the expertise of nearshore and offshore staff members who seamlessly integrate with our local teams. This collaborative approach allows us to offer cost-effective solutions that are executed with remarkable efficiency. If you are seeking assistance in the domains of AI, ML, and digital transformation, we invite you to explore the range of services we provide, which are tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Conversational AI

Conversational AI is technology that has evolved over time and has allowed Bots to provide human-like interactions. Conversational Bots use large volumes of data, machine learning and natural language processing to mimic human interactions by recognizing a user’s speech or text patterns.Conversational AI is revolutionizing



Hyperautomation brings together Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to deliver automated outcomes, with superior efficiency. This technology has the ability to automate highly complex activities, starting with RPA and then expanding with AI. 


Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing or IDP is AI-powered technology that combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. IDP is a solution that scans, reads, extracts, categorizes, and organizes various document types such as papers, PDFs, Word Docs, Spreadsheets etc.Every organization


Managed Data Analytics

Organizations today process more data than ever before but are unable to use this data to make more informed or data driven decisions. Valenta’s experts in Data and Analytics can assist organizations transform their Data into opportunities and revenue streams.As more Businesses Migrate to the Cloud, the opportunity to tap data from various

Process and Task Mining

Process mining is one of the latest Digital Transformation technologies that compliments Robotic Process Automation extremely well. Organizations have always known what functions they could Automate within respective departments purely based on volumes and the repetitive nature of the


Robotic Process Automation

Automation is certainly changing how most companies operate but it has not been able to go beyond a point-based solution. Most companies including the large organizations with sophisticated in-house teams are unable to deploy Automation across the organization. The cost benefits too are not justified in most


Test Automation

With over 500 million Apps predicted to be built by 2040, the need for Test Automation is greater than ever. Every application that enters the Market needs to go through rigorous testing to ensure the software delivers in the real world. Up until recently, Manual Testing was the most preferred