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Valenta’s Tier 2 Digital Marketing Package is aimed to Grow your Business. This package offers clients the next step up to bring their digital marketing activities to the next level through the use of Valenta’s experienced virtual marketing team. This tier is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. Larger businesses and multinationals should look into our “Accelerate your Digital Presence” package.

For small to midsize businesses, often engaging Digital Marketing agencies can become stressful because, most frequently Digital Marketing Companies will not or cannot work as an extension of your current team. This can cause a ‘disconnect’ with digital strategy development and execution. On the other hand, hiring a Digital Marketing agency comes at a significant cost.

At Valenta we aim to bridge this gap via our Hybrid service offering businesses the opportunity to secure highly experienced local, in region Digital Marketing Consultants and Strategists backed by a full-service virtual Digital Marketing team for a very competitive flat monthly fee.

For a low price of £2,500 + VAT per month, your business will have access to a Chief Marketing Officer and a full support team comprising a website designer, graphic designer, SEO specialist, social media specialist and content writer.

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Getting Started with Valenta

Client Onboarding

In the first month working with a new client, we can undertake a full website audit in order to understand the complexities of the existing setup in use at your company. We will look at the speed of the website and areas where this can be improved upon. Additionally, we will investigate how well you rank for keywords across the board. This process can identify areas where changes are needed, in order to improve your search engine optimization and increase organic traffic acquisition.


As well as the aforementioned onsite diagnostics and keyword research, we will also be looking at any lead generation and brand awareness advertising campaigns you are currently running, across the various advertising environments. (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram etc.) Our experts will identify where improvements can be made and will be able to provide help with any additional research to find new and competitive keywords to bid on.

We strive to find the optimum balance between building brand-awareness and conducting successful lead generation. Many businesses tend to place more value on lead generation as they believe there is a quicker profit to be made.

Our own research and experience has found that If brand-awareness is lacking, leads may sometimes be generated but then convert poorly to sales. This is down to low brand awareness as they are yet to understand the values of the company and the solutions they offer. For this reason, a more even distribution of brand-awareness and lead-generation spend is something we recommend.


All of our teams have years of relevant experience behind them in their respective fields and can add tangible value to your marketing output. We cover a wide range of different skills and have people who can do everything from running social media, paid search and email marketing campaigns to editing video and website development.

Valenta’s Digital Marketing Program is the most comprehensive, integrated marketing solution available to launch cross-channel marketing programs and unify all prospect and client marketing signals in a single view.

Our solution helps generate a higher return for clients on their digital marketing investments, creates customer loyalty through superior campaign performance, and unlocks real-time performance decisions during critical campaign cycles.

Valenta Digital Marketing Packages


£2,500/month Suitable for Mid-Size Business

Strategist | 4 hours/week

Website Designer | 2 hours/week

Graphic Designer | 2 hours/week

SEO Specialist | 2 hours/week

Social Media Specialist | 2 hours/week

Blogs | 2 blog/month

Digital Marketing Software Expertise:


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