How do Retailers Benefit From Process Consulting

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How Do Retailers Benefit From Process Consulting

Retailers today have a lot to manage. Just like other sectors of the economy they can benefit significantly from process consulting and the streamlining and optimization that accompanies it. In this article we will cover challenges for retailers, what a retailing process consultant does, retail process consulting services, and retailer process consulting outsourcing.

Technology Challenges for Retailers

Retailers face many technical challenges that are also present in other industries. Digital disruption blew up entire segments of the sector and continues to be a challenge. Amazon, other companies like them, and the proliferation of e-commerce has changed this industry permanently. Digital transformation has also been a factor in back offices, workflows, and processes. Transformative technology can be a challenge for small business and even midsized ones to keep up with. Because retailers are conducting high volumes of transactions, data security is also a huge concern, and retailers are targets. Keeping up with the latest technology is an issue we hear from many of our clients repeatedly in this space. Being able to leverage business intelligence to keep up with companies that excel at its use is one final technical challenge.

Macro Challenges for Retailers

Besides technical challenges retailers must also address macro-economic obstacles. Supply chain issues are at the top of the list in this area and must be anticipated as much as possible. Meeting shifting and rising customer expectations is also something to contend with, as is maintaining customer loyalty. Retailers have more challenges with finding workers and retaining employees than many sectors of the economy. And just like the way transactions have been transformed in this space by digitalization, so has the way to communicate with potential customers.  Omnichannel marketing and customer support are increasingly a factor and contribute to an arms race among retailers. Process efficiency and improvement can help in all these areas and make the case for retailer process consulting services and contracting with a retailer process consultant.

What a Retailing Process Consultant Does

A retailing process consultant will perform three main functions, they will assess, document, and recommend.  After a retailing process consulting services engagement, a client will undoubtably be left with “As Is” processes and “To Be” processes documentation. They will also likely receive Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs. A retailing process consultant will always first start by mapping current processes. They will then analyze the current processes and provide feedback to clients. A retailer process consultant will redesign processes as needed and also work with a client to test any new processes that are designed. If new workflows and processes are to be implemented, they will help communicate changes to all vested parties. Finally, they will help an organization to implement new processes and to monitor and optimize them.

Retailing Benefits of Process Consulting

We believe that one of the biggest benefits of retailer process consulting services is obtaining documentation and clarity on what exactly is going on in a business.  Often it takes an unbiased party to capture everything that is happening in a business and report back.  It is only with the clarity gained with a holistic view that organizations can improve and streamline.  Profits and sales can be increased, and expenses and costs can be driven down with professional and skilled retailer process consulting services.  Execution and innovation can also be accelerated.  Process consulting can clear the way for real strategy sessions that will take all the relevant information and processes into account.  When this is done challenges related to digital adoption, staffing, employee retention, customer loyalty, omnichannel communications and any number of things can successfully be addressed.

Retailing Process Consulting Services

Large retail organizations have contracted with expensive big time consulting and outsourcing firms for years.  Midsized retailers and small businesses in the retail space historically have not had the luxury of this type of service.  At Valenta we work exclusively with midsized companies and small businesses.  Our retailer process consulting outsourcing can help midsized and smaller retailers get over the hump, document and assess where they are at, and then adopt digital transformation, outsourced staffing, omnichannel communications strategies, or other initiatives.  We have local Managing Partners in cities close to our clients.  Our Managing Partners work with other in-country or in region Partners and Consultants with retail and supply and logistics experience.  Offshore we employ affordable Process Consultants who formerly were part of the big time consulting firms.  This all adds up to an economical and powerful retailer process consulting outsourcing team.

Contact Us to Learn More

Would you like to learn more about retailer process consulting outsourcing and determine if it can help your business?  If you would like to speak more about our retail process consulting services, please reach out to one of our local Managing Partners.  They would be happy to help and have an initial conversation and consultation.


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