Proof of Concept

Valenta is a trusted provider of digital transformation consulting and software implementation solutions. Our comprehensive range of services includes managed services and consulting expertise spanning various areas of digital transformation, such as RPA bots, conversational AI, intelligent document processing, hyperautomation, and numerous other AI and machine learning applications. On this page, you will find informative explainer videos that shed light on different aspects of digital transformation. Additionally, we present several proof of concept videos showcasing our successful implementations of working AI solutions, RPA bots, intelligent document processing systems, and conversational AI solutions. These solutions and POCs have not only addressed our clients’ real-world challenges but have also driven operational efficiency and process optimization. Leveraging the combined strength of our onshore managing partners and consultants in the United Kingdom, as well as our skilled nearshore and offshore experts and developers, we ensure cost-effective and timely project deliveries. We invite you to explore this page to discover our capabilities, and we are always available to discuss how our expertise in AI, RPA bots, conversational AI, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Document Processing can help streamline your business.