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Digital Transformation Specialists

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Digital Transformation Specialists

Valenta’s team of Digital Transformation Specialists understands the complexities of the digital economy and helps organizations develop digital strategies to improve their competitiveness. By offering a comprehensive range of services, Valenta’s Digital Transformation Specialists provide expertise in the latest digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, conversational AI, and the internet of things, which can transform business processes.

Most organizations have already embraced digital technologies to some degree, but many struggle to harness their full potential. Valenta’s Digital Transformation Specialists offer services that go beyond simply advising and designing digital strategies. They work closely with clients to help implement and integrate digital technologies into their existing business processes, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage and improve their bottom line.

Valenta’s Digital Transformation Specialists are highly experienced in managing digital projects from start to finish. They can help organizations source digital talent and technology stacks, implement robotic process automation, develop cloud infrastructure, and enhance customer experiences. They work collaboratively with internal departments to design and deliver customized solutions that improve processes in finance, accounting, operations, customer support, sales, marketing, human resources, and more.

At Valenta, we understand that every organization is unique and requires customized solutions to achieve its digital transformation goals. Our Digital Transformation Specialists work closely with clients to assess their needs and develop comprehensive strategies that meet their specific requirements. With Valenta’s Digital Transformation Specialists, businesses can transform their digital capabilities and take advantage of the latest technologies to achieve greater success.

Our Digital Transformation Specialists can assist organizations with the following:

Digital Strategy, Planning, and Implementation

influencing marketing

Customer Experience Strategy, Design, and Implementation

Infrastructure and Cloud Strategy and Implementation


Technology Stack Sourcing

Digital Talent Sourcing


Robotic Process Automation


Artificial Intelligence

Conversational AI (Chatbot and Voicebots)


Internet of Things (IoT)

At Valenta, our Digital Transformation Specialists are highly qualified and experienced in several technologies. Our specialists work closely with all our client’s internal departments to deliver value and enhanced competitiveness.

It is practically impossible for any one individual or department to design, develop and implement a Holistic Digital Transformation Solution. Several departments need to come together to build this out and Valenta’s Digital Transformation specialists act as that Bridge with their expertise and know-how.

For organizations to realize digital success, there needs to be a commitment from leadership that will drive this change. Any form of Digital Transformation comes with risk and this must be embraced and mitigated across all the organization’s domains. Successfully scaling and achieving results with Digital Technologies & Transformation relies on a sound implementation plan that Valenta’s Digital Transformation Specialists assist with.

Some of our Digital Transformation specialist’s work includes:

  • Finance functions: automating accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, purchase order processing and more.
  • HR functions: screening candidates to end to end employee onboarding.
  • Customer experience: website chatbot connecting website visitors with local sales teams via phone in real time.
  • Marketing functions: downloading Zoom recorded webinars, editing them, and uploading on YouTube.
  • Logistics: handling customer queries, including tracking shipments in real time.

Approach on Leveraging Conversational AI to Accelerate Growth

How we add value?

Our Digital Transformation Specialists deliver business value to our clients by the reducing cost of operations, helping them attain world class cost structures, and implement effective controls. We standardize all processes with a high degree of Automation and AI.

We have a comprehensive and integrated Digital Transformation service capabilities. We augment our capabilities by continuously investing in building AI and ML expertise through:

  • Continuous investment in Automation and AI technologies
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures for each of our clients
  • Provide clients with a Real Time Visibility Platforms
  • A Dedicated AI and ML Academy, which focuses on increasing domain expertise

Digital Transformation Expertise

Driving Digital Transformation by leveraging best-in-class technology solutions:


And More…

Valenta Pricing Packages:

Digital Transformation Specialists

1-2 years of Experience

From £ 2,000 + VAT per month

3-4 years of Experience

From £ 3,250 + VAT per month

5+ years of Experience

From £ 4,000 + VAT per month

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